Best New Year fonts (21 fonts)

On the eve of the New Year and Christmas holidays, the demand for New Year fonts increases dramatically among creative people. In this magical time, when people exchange gifts, give each other emotions and warmth, you want to decorate your greeting in some special way. The variety of ready-made New Year's cards in store windows do not always suit our tastes. In addition, handmade artwork is much more valuable than one of thousands, like everyone else.

We have prepared a selection with the most original fonts suitable for Christmas and New Year's greeting cards. The fonts are suitable for use in any graphic editor. In order to start using it, just download the New Year font, and install it in your system. Unzip the downloaded files and copy them to the "Fonts" folder on your personal computer's "C" drive.

Below the picture below you will see a list of headsets that are included in our selection. If you don't need all of them you can download them individually. To do this, type the exact name of the headset in the search, on our website, under "free fonts", and download the desired font to your computer.
New Year and Christmas fonts, download for free without registration

There are also paid New Year's fonts, e.g. Tilda. It has a wide range of alternate glyphs, which allows you to create not only beautiful but also unique lettering.

New Year handwritten font, lettering

If we're talking about the use of Christmas fonts, there are no limits to your imagination. We are going to present you a few popular ways to use such fonts.


New Year's card font

What could be more satisfying than getting a handmade card. If you are serious about it and are willing to spend your precious time on this fascinating activity, then you have two options. The first way for those who have skills in any graphics editor. You just need to pick up the font you want, download it, and write a greeting inscription in the program you use. Then, if desired, decorate the surroundings. It can be a simple fill color, a picture from the Internet, or a picture you drew. After that, you will need to print the card on a sheet (preferably heavy paper).

The second way is for those who do not have skills in "photoshop", "paint" and even in "Microsoft word", that is, you need to prepare for manual work. You will need decorated colored cardboard from an art (or stationery) store, paint (gouache, watercolor, or acrylic, depending on the surface of the paper), brushes, and a good mood. In order to put an inscription, using a beautiful Christmas font, type the desired phrase on our website and directly from the monitor translate the phrase first on a thin sheet of paper, and already from it on the cardboard. Also, you can download, install the font, type the phrase in any program, and print it (and from there transfer the image on the card). Everything else depends on your creativity and patience. In addition to the inscription, you can draw some Christmas attributes, try to depict a portrait of the recipient of the card (even if it will be very imprecise) in your company, use perforations (cutouts) or cut elements from paper of a different color, glued to the surface of the card. But do not go overboard with the elements (especially if you feel that you are not very good at decorating), it is better to limit yourself to a few elements, including the inscription in a beautiful font. Then the card will look stylish and neat.

New Year Russian font on clothing

An interesting technique is to print a greeting inscription on clothing. To do this, you need to prepare a layout with the appropriate font, and give it to specialists (now many are engaged in printing on clothing), who will bring your idea to life. Still, there is an option to purchase special markers in art stores, and use them. The inscription made with such a marker, remains on the clothes, even after washing.

Russian New Year fonts on dishes

New Year's fonts are successfully used for decorating dishes. For this you will need acrylic paints, as only they are suitable for use on glass.

You can decorate anything, such as glasses or plates. The inscription looks very interesting on glass glasses (low whiskey glasses) in which you can place a lit candle.

Beautiful new year font, pick and download at


New Year font Cyrillic

Unfortunately, very few fonts support Cyrillic. But we found some attractive russian fonts. We hope that our selection will help you to create creative, original works.

New Year Fonts, download for free

You can download the New Year fonts at this link. If you have not found in our collection of fonts you need - be sure to look at our database of free fonts, perhaps there is exactly what you need.



Best New Year fonts (21 fonts)
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