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Roman Polishchuk
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Roman Polishchuk
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Roman Polishchuk
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Russian fonts on facefont

This section contains fonts designed by graphic design studio Brandbe. After the purchase of the headset, the buyer has the right to use it for their own purposes, in accordance with the license. You can buy the font in two clicks, using e-wallet or bank card.

All fonts in this section are intellectual property and protected by copyright. If you have any questions related to the purchase - use the feedback form.

Buying a font is an important and responsible step that, sooner or later, any self-respecting designer or company has to take. In the post-Soviet space there is an opinion that there is no need to buy fonts. Why? Because there are a huge number of free fonts on the Internet, which will solve any problem. But are free fonts as good as it is considered to be? In a highly competitive environment where visual communications are a component of successful marketing campaigns - fonts are not in last place. Attractive, readable typeface will help to clearly convey your thoughts and ideas, and in some cases, convey atmosphere, intent or even plot. That's why thousands of designers around the world are working to make their clients stand out from the competition, get something individual, their own. His, and not like everyone else.

Below you will see answers to frequently asked questions from people who want to buy a font, as well as the main talking points on the subject.

Paid fonts

Paid fonts will set you apart from your competitors, allow you to expand your set of identifying tools, and strengthen your company's image. That's not to say that you can't achieve the same goals with free fonts. It's about quality and image in this case. The decision in one direction or the other is made depending on the specific task, as well as the importance of these two words to the company or person. By the way, not all paid fonts are quality.

Buy russian fonts

Keep in mind that not all fonts support Cyrillic characters. Don't forget that, and always check with the author before you buy. In most western fonts there are no Russian letters. Only the most widespread typefaces support Cyrillic, and in most cases Cyrillic is introduced by our, domestic designers. But fortunately, Russian fonts today are not in short supply.

Where you can buy a font

As you have already guessed, you can buy the font you like from us. Despite of the small choice in the catalog, here you can find a headset for any task and see its quality personally. We constantly replenish our assortment with quality works.

Sales fonts

More and more often we hear from advertisers and marketers about "selling fonts. A sales font does not make your product better or its price more attractive. A selling font is a tool for conveying information. The clearer and more attractive lettering - the more chances that people will not leave the site in the first seconds, or throw out a leaflet, not being able to understand what he was trying to convey.

Buy typeface for print

You can print any font you download or buy on our site. About the conditions of commercial use of the purchased fonts read in the license agreement.

Buy font set

Some fonts are sold in families with a fee per typeface. A set of fonts will allow you to perform any task without breaking the style of the layout, organizing typography correctly. If you want to buy a set of fonts - write to us, we will give you a discount.

What fonts are there

Low-contrast, etc.

No matter how beautiful and versatile existing fonts are, designers will never stop. The desire to be "different" has largely driven progress for the last hundred years. After the industrial revolution, the invention of the assembly line, and the growth of consumer needs, mankind became bored with everything alike. Pursuit of individuality reached a new level and captivated minds of the majority. Typographers did not stand aside and in the course of time such legends as Helvetica, Times New Roman, Frutiger and many others appeared. But today, the copyrights of legendary works are being infringed everywhere.

For example, the Baskerville antique can easily be found for free. It's the font used in the VOGUE logo, as well as in many famous print publications. And yet it was drawn in 1758, and sold at the time for crazy money (not even the font itself, but the right to use it). Can it be free today? No, it can't. And the copies that roam the Internet today violate the rights of the owners of one of the most unique and old headsets in the world. And many are not even aware of this, until just now. With the advent of computers and the digitization of fonts, copyright infringement has become blatant and pervasive. This is especially dangerous because many people do not realize that they are using someone else's work illegally, and sooner or later they will find themselves in trouble.

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