1. Your font selections won't be lost?

No. No matter what type of account you have (regular, or advanced Bro-account), your fontsets will be stored forever. Also, it does not matter how often you visit our resource. Fonts will not be deleted.

2. How to add a font which is not on the site?

If you have a font that is not in our database, you can suggest it for publication. Use this form for that. add a font. Font will be published after review by a moderator and you can include it in one of your picks on the site. You may refuse to publish if the font is copyrighted and its license does not allow free use. Fonts are accepted only in ttf format.

3. How to install font?

4. How do I remove ads?

We do not place intrusive or malicious advertising, such as popanders. Only ads from verified sources are posted on the site. But if you constantly use our site and even this advertising is not desirable for you, you can buy Bro-account, where ads are disabled. This way you help us release new fonts and make the site more convenient for you. As a bonus you get nice discounts on paid fonts.

5. What fonts can I use in my work?

You may use fonts with a free license for any purpose. The license "free for personal use" provides for personal use, and prohibits the use of the font for commercial purposes. If no license is shown on the font page, it means it can be used freely. If in doubt, you should contact the font's developer to confirm.

6. When do I get my paid font after I purchased it?

After you pay with unitpay you will instantly receive a temporary link to download the font you have purchased.

7. How do I connect fonts to my site?

Familiarize yourself with font installation guide

Got any questions? Ask them in comments or use feedback form

Comments (2)
  • KaritaKarita 07.11.2018

    How do I find a font by name? I don't see a search bar anywhere :(

    • FacefontFacefont 07.11.2018

      Karita, in the upper right corner of the page http://joxi.ru/ZrJkaZyH9lqBlm