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Copyright (c) Gilles Pegel, 2005. All rights reserved.




GillesPegel: Butter unsalted: 2005

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Version 0.100 2005 exclusive Beta prerelease

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Pegel Gilles

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Trypo e-mail: trypo@spymac.com http://www.trypo.com Dear customer, Thank you for purchasing a Standard User License* for the Butter unsalted typeface. The following rules apply: the typeface named above is sold to you under the standard conditions that apply to most professional typographic software (so-called 'fonts'). It is forbidden to copy, rename, resell, redistribute or tamper with the original drawings contained in the typeface file in any way. If you plan using the font listed above on more than 5 CPUS within your company, it would be necessary for you to upgrade to a multi-user license. We are happy to answer any questions you may have, just contact us per mail or check out the trypo webpage/forum. Important This is my first font release, so it ain't 100% perfect yet and will be updated. Any update of the Butter unsalted typeface will be send to you per e-mail without any charges. Should you notice any irregularity or experience problems with our typeface, please let us know immediately. With the license to this font, we are selling you the right to use a protected piece of graphic design for your purposes.You are not allowed to pass the bought typeface on to any third parties, not your friends, not your colleagues, not your students. When using film output service bureaus or other pre-press facilities, printers or similar services, please make sure the people handling this work know that trypo fonts are not free- or shareware, and that it is illegal for them to use it beyond the work they are doing for you, or to store it in their data systems except for back-up purposes in conjunction with the work you hired them for. We encourage customers to credit the names of used trypo fonts. thank you. We will keep you informed of future developments at http://www.trypo.com Yours sincerely, Gilles Pegel * a Standard User License covers usage on up to 5 computers within one company, single site. For additional information please refer to our website http://www.trypo.com or contact us trypo@spymac.com


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Вы можете скачать шрифт Butter unsalted абсолютно бесплатно, без регистрации. Начертание шрифта unsalted. Изготовителем шрифта является Butter unsalted is a trademark of Gilles Pegel.. Дизайнер - Pegel Gilles. Шрифт размещен автором в открытом доступе и может применяться бесплатно в любых целях. Однако, если вы собираетесь использовать данную гарнитуру в коммерческих целях, и сомневаетесь в правах на использование, - рекомендуем связаться с автором и уточнить тип лицензии.

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